From an early age I was drawn to the human body which I felt then had the potential of being the vehicle for me to express all that I was feeling, thinking and understanding. The human figure has always been the one and only subject matter for my work. Much of my focus has been on sculptures and installations that investigate the relationship between people. Figures exist in all different sizes, each portraying different emotional states and ways of being; whether they are together interacting in a space or apart from one another, questioning the essence of their role in society.

My heritage has exposed me to classical ancient Greek sculpture. I was always fascinated at seeing how strength was captivated in the marble form, engaging my eyes through this beauty and signaling to my brain at the same time to connect with my heart. What a journey!! I strive to do just that, connect the brain with the heart, simply by using a language which is visual. My aim is through the creation of lines and forms to speak of balance, of harmony, of beauty, of togetherness and isolation, engagement through realistic depictions of the body.

Solo Shows

Group Shows

  • 2013 2nd Ageanale, curator Sozita Goudouna, Kivotos, Mykonos.
  • 2013 ‘I never promised you a rose garden’,Genesis, Athens.
  • 2012 “Beer and Art, Olympic Beer Factory, Ritsona, Greece.
  • 2011 “11th Plateau”, Historia Museum, Hydra.
  • 2005 “Moments in Time” Curator Athina Schina, Athinais Cultural Centre Athens.


  • The Owl” for St. Catherine’s British School
  • Konstantinos Karamanlis for the Karamanlis Institute, Athens
  • Stavros Niarchos for The Niarchos Foundation and place of birth Vamvakou Sparta
  • Stavros Niarchos for ELEPAP institution, Athens and Thessalonica
  • Vassos Hatzioannou for the Hatzioannou foundation, Lefkosia, Cyprus
  • Konstantinos Leventis for the Leventis foundation, Lefkosia, Cyprus
  • Athina Gerontopoulou for the Company of the Friends of the People, Athens
  • Mother of Hios, composition of mother and children for Gexa, Hios