“Lens of clay”

April 27 – May 10 2018

Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Athens.

Clay is an arsenal of artistic means that allows for exploration, experimentation, direct expression, and often collaboration. It is important that its use indicates and emphasizes the earth, the landscape, the history, the human touch and the primary impulses. In contemporary art and in artistic movements such as minimalism, sculptural language transforms the uses of clay.

In the installation “Lens of Clay”, presented from April 27 to May 10 / 2018 at the Center for the Study of Modern Ceramics, the artist Paulina Cassimatis composes the human form through the practice of figurative abstraction in repetitive units.

The human form becomes the main architectural space of the installation. It is the central point from which the other elements such as the light, the environment and especially the perception of the spectators gravitate towards.

Through the artist, the clay “embodies” different characters; active citizens, who through their shape, their physiology and their composition, form an experience.

The expressions and the composition of her figurines contribute to the character of each of her pieces and direct the museum’s space as well as bringing awareness to the spectator’s own physicality.

With her research into the human form, the position and the pose of her figures are of key importance in understanding Paulina Cassimatis’s work, which has expanded in “Lens of Clay”.

In this exhibition, the dynamics of Paulina Cassimatis’s figurines are not conveyed through any modern technological mediums such as video or animation. With its roots and practices dating back in ancient times, her clay figurines succeed in intriguing and in captivating our attention today.

Editing – Production “Lens of Clay”